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About Us

Our well-published faculty members are experts in their fields of study. They provide training and foster intellectual inquiry both in their courses and by hosting an active schedule of cultural activities including lectures, symposia, workshops, and film series. The annual RLL Graduate Student Conference complements the course offerings in our graduate programs in Spanish and French. The Melodia E. Jones Chair promotes French culture and the Québec Studies Program.

A Romance language major or minor  is an excellent step in your preparation for a career in education, government, entertainment & the arts, business & finance, law, health care, social work, research & communication, and hospitality. Study of a foreign language also hones your cognitive skills, increases your social and professional networks, and broadens your opportunities for travel, study, and employment abroad. This is all in addition to opening the door to appreciating the cultural treasures available through use of French, Italian, and Spanish. Besides these three Romance languages in which we offer majors and minors, some coursework is often available in Portuguese and in Catalan. Courses taught in English that focus on several Romance languages at once are offered as “RLL” courses; they may be applied to any of our degree programs.

Quick course information for undergraduates:

French courses, Fall semester

French courses, Winter session

French courses, Spring semester

French courses, Summer session

Italian courses, Fall semester

Italian courses, Winter session

Italian courses, Spring semester

Italian courses, Summer session

Spanish courses, Fall semester

Spanish courses, Winter session

Spanish courses, Spring semester

Spanish courses, Summer session

“RLL” courses: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

For full listings of undergraduate courses, see the Undergraduate Catalog.