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Graduate Course Offerings

The faculty is committed to providing a core of varied and innovative coursework in literary & cultural studies and in Romance/Hispanic linguistics from which students may branch out to explore their own directions. Graduate study begins with the required RLL 501: Theory and Methodology, which serves as an introduction to graduate studies in Spanish or French. Course offerings vary by semester according to the current research interests of faculty and students. Here is a sample of recently taught graduate seminars:

FR 525. Creation and the Limits of Language in Experimental Literature

FR 526: Revolting Pamphlets: Genre of Protest and Conviction

FR 526. Continental Modernism

FR 526. French Existentialism

FR 527. “Extreme Events” of Early Modernity

FR 556. Comparative Romance Linguistics

FR 580 African and Caribbean Literature

FR 586. Islam in France

SPA 503. History of the Spanish Language

SPA 506. Latin American Spanish Dialectology

SPA 509. Poetics of the Passions in Medieval Iberia

SPA 509. Spain and Globalization

SPA 510. Latin American Dependency

SPA 524. 19th Century Spanish Literature

SPA 530. Cervantes and Our Media Condition

SPA 533. Desire and Death in Medieval Iberian Narrative

SPA 534. Spanish Socio-Linguistics

SPA 536. 20th Century Spanish Literature

SPA 552. Comparative Romance Linguistics

SPA 555. Spanish Phonology

SPA 623. Postwar and Post-Franco Spanish Novel and Film

SPA 624. Contemporary Spanish Narrative and Cultural Studies

SPA 628. Modern Hispanic Poetry and Transatlanticism

RLL 501. Theory and Methodology for Romance Language Study

RLL 525. History of the Book


Fall graduate course schedules

Spring graduate course schedules