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Resources For Graduate Students

The Policies of the Graduate School is a manual of information for graduate students in all disciplines at UB. An active Graduate Student Association schedules events on campus each semester. The GSA Office is in Student Union Room 310. RLL graduate students elect their own GSA representative.

Graduate students are welcome to join and take leadership roles in any of the three Honor Societies housed in the department: Sigma Delta Pi for Spanish (Chapter Adviser, Prof. Scarlett,, Gamma Kappa Alpha for Italian (Chapter Adviser, Prof. Chiesa,, and Pi Delta Phi for French (Chapter Adviser, Prof. Negrete,

The search for full-time academic employment by graduate students who are finishing their dissertations usually begins with a visit to the Modern Language Association Job Information List. It carries the most announcements in the months of September and October. All you need is your UB email address to gain access. Another source of academic positions is the listing in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Access is free when signed in to a campus computer; you may also consult paper copies in the 910 mailroom of the Main Office.

In recent years, most Ph.D. candidates who are on the academic job market have signed up for Interfolio to assemble their dossier of letters of recommendation, transcripts, and CV. This requires a paid subscription. Please allow your professors one month to write your letter of recommendation.