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Language Tables & Clubs

spring 2016 French Honor Society inductees & advisors

Language Tables in French, Italian, and Spanish run regularly when classes are in session. This can be a good way to meet new friends with similar language interests, practice, and ask questions outside of classes. Please check the RLL Event Calendar for time and place. The Spanish Table and the Italian Table have Facebook pages.

UB RLL is graced with Honor Societies in each language: Sigma Delta Pi for Spanish (contact Prof. Scarlett,, Gamma Kappa Alpha for Italian (contact Prof. Chiesa,, and Pi Delta Phi for French (Prof. Negrete, Students who are initiated into these societies agree to be champions of the language and culture they study. They are encouraged to perform community service on our campus and beyond.

Graduate and undergraduate students maintain a Spanish Learners Club. They show films on the 9th floor of Clemens, as do several other language clubs housed in the department. Please check the Calendar for dates and times.