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Majors & Minors

Advisement appointments for majors & minors in French, Italian & Spanish:

Coursework for the major and/or minor in Italian, French, and Spanish begins at the 200 level, which is advanced intermediate. This corresponds to the fifth semester of college study (directly after 152 in each language). An AP score of 4 or 5, four years of intensive Spanish in high school, and/or direct language experience from living abroad or being raised in a Spanish-speaking family may also qualify a student to begin taking courses at this level. The major and minor programs build upon advanced intermediate skills on the 200 level, to continue onto the 300 and 400 levels, with advanced language courses and content-based courses that focus on literature, culture, linguistics, and language for special purposes (such as business and medicine). Please consult the individual language major program for more information. For individualized advising, please schedule an appointment with a faculty adviser using the Calendly page. You may declare a major or minor online using the form below.


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