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Alumni Career Paths & Employment Resources

A world of possibilities awaits

RLL alumni have proceeded to successful careers in social work, foreign service, business & finance, journalism, the law, medicine & health care, library science, translation & interpreting, retail, entertainment & the arts, and tourism. Many RLL alumni choose to serve in the field of education. For public schools in New York, this requires obtaining certification through an M.A.T. program, such as the one offered in Learning and Instruction at the UB Graduate School of Education. It is possible to teach for private, parochial, and charter schools with a bachelor’s degree in a language.

The NYC Teaching Fellows Program trains college graduates to teach for the Department of Education in New York City, functioning as an alternative certification program. This program can be grueling but rewarding.

For a change of climate, the Southern Teachers Agency recruits recent college graduates for teaching positions in the Southern United States.

Spain and France have Teaching Assistant programs that pay college graduates to teach English conversation classes in their public schools. Chile has a similar program, but for volunteers.

For Spain, see the Auxiliares Program.

For Chile, see the English Opens Doors program.

For France, the French Embassy in the United States has information on the Teaching Assistant Program.

For a career in higher education, consider the PhD programs right here in RLL. Talk to one of your favorite professors to get started.