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UB Curriculum Options & Pathfinder Tool

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Completing your Global Pathway requirement with the Language & Culture Track in a Romance language is educational and convenient. You will be able to build on skills that you already have, and keep improving your linguistic abilities. Nine credit hours in French, Italian, or Spanish satisfies the requirement. A sample Language & Culture Global Pathway for a student who has taken three years of Spanish in high school is: SPA 151 – SPA 152 – SPA 207 or 208. Any courses taken on the 200 level and above can count toward a major or minor in the language in addition to satisfying the UB Curriculum Global Pathway.

If you wish to begin a new Romance language (for example, Italian) and thereby satisfy the Language & Culture Global Pathway, a sample is: ITA 101 – ITA 102. Because all of our 101 and 102 courses are five credits each, you will have completed the requirement in two semesters instead of three.

For placement in the Global Pathway of Language & Culture, please use the following form:

Pathfinder tool for Placement into RLL language courses

RLL offers UB Seminars that may be counted toward a major in one of our languages. Please consult the Course Schedule or Pathfinder Tool.